Clash of Clans: Tips to Dominate Your Rival

  1. Lightning Spells

After getting your lightning spells sufficiently high, you could utilize only 1 to 2 spells for destroying the mortars of your rival, who are the biggest threat to your troops.

  1. Walls

Construct and upgrade your walls as quickly as possible since they’ll allow you to protect your village in a better manner. It is good to locate them near the important structures for instance Town Hall, Defensive buildings & Storage Buildings. During the initial few levels, you won’t be allowed to surround all your structures. Hence, keep your less important structures outside, for instance: Army Camps or even Barracks.

  1. Trophies

Trophies may influence your farming on both ways. In case you’ve a good score in Trophies, then you may begin getting tougher opponents which won’t help your farming in any way. If you’re seeing several enemies who are tough to compete, then try to lower your trophies purposely by losing your fights. For doing this, search for a specific target & then deploy a unit then simply surrender yourself. Continue doing this till your Trophies fall to a range which lets you to farm your resources comfortably.

  1. Getting free gems

Once you acquire 1250 Trophies you’ll be able to unlock the Achievement that’ll offer you with 450 gems totally for free. So whenever you want to earn some gems, you can easily do so by farming till you reach that amount of Trophies.

  1. Farming your trophies the easy way

In order to farm your trophies, you’ll need to search players who backed off from the game & are easy to destroy. These types of villages are likely to have weaker defense lines in addition to a decent volume of resources that you can easily steal.

  1. Using your heroes

Heroes can be for defensive purposes as well as for attacking your enemies. But, you must also remember the fact that if you lose your hero in one of the battles, then you’ll need to wait for quite some time before you are able to “regenerate” your lost hero.

  1. Ways to shock your enemies

For shocking your enemies, you could use your secretive traps, Tesla & bombs. This will help you to kill your enemies with very little trouble.

  1. Village or town hall being destroyed

If the percentage of destruction is between 40 to 89%, then you’ll receive a 12 hour protection & your rivals won’t be able to attack your area for 12 hours. But, if you try to attack any player when your shield is active, it’ll get canceled. As a result, you’ll be open to the enemy attacks once again. One more thing is, if more than 89 percent of your village is wiped out, then you’ll be offered a shield that will last for 16 hours

  1. Upgrade your bombs

Look to upgrade the bombs whenever possible. Besides, if someone else attacks you & if the traps/bombs are triggered in a raid, then you’ll need to activate them once again so that they keep working.

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